2017 By-Law Proposals

LOMSL By-Law proposals 2017

  • Ricky Slater, “If you coach, your son will be put on your team, the round will be chosen by the rest of the coaches prior to the first pick of the draft”
  • Dean Klovski, Article 2, (there is 2 section 2’s) Section 3. A. insert “league statistician and Webmaster” as positions that are paid by league funds.
  • Article 4 sec 1 F. could we add virtual meetings with this? Also, should remove, “at the meeting” & “at the meeting” in this bylaw. The bylaw is not a meeting, it’s to amend a bylaw, please see meeting in Article 5.
  • Article 6 sec 4 A. Proposal add, “person chosen from the hat, must pay and sign required forms and provide to an Executive Board member, before the player steps foot on the field of play”
  • Proposal to Article 6 sec 5 D. “If a player shows up to play the week that the team proved they will have less than 9 players, the said player will be ineligible to play that regular season game, playoff or World Series game”
  • New Proposal, “No team shall go to the Hat after the conclusion of the 11th week of the season. Unless the team is faced with Article 6, section 5 D.”
  • Section 6 D. New proposal, “It is the UIC responsibility to know and have available the current Lake Orion Men’s Softball League By-laws for his current umpire team”
  • Proposal new, “ All awards will be picked at the end of the regular season and announced at the   banquet”

2016 By-law Proposals

2016 By-law changes

Article 3-Registration
Addition to the by-law:

• All coach’s must have their dues paid before they meet to draw the draft order and coach slotting order.
• On the last day of registration there will be no on-line registration so there are no technical difficulties that would prevent us from the drawing of hat picks, if they are needed.

Article 3-Registration-F

Current by-law:

F. Late Fee-If a member of the Executive Board has not received a player’s applicable fees before the completion of the second-to-last Pre-Registration session, the player shall be required to pay an additional $20 late fee in addition to any other applicable fees.

New By-law:

Late Fee-If a member of the Executive Board has not received a player’s applicable fees before the last registration date, on the date of the last registration a $20 late fee will be charged in addition to any other applicable fees.