Hat Entry-Process

Each year our league has a pre registration for our membership.  This registration will end on February 21, 2016.  When this registration is complete the Board (our governing body) will determine the number of teams and the number of players to be drafted on each team.  For a long time we have had 12 teams, however in the last few years the players on each team has been between 12-15 players.  If we have 144 returning players we know that 12 teams will have at least 12 players.  If the board determines that we have enough players in the hat for 2 more players per team we will pick 24 new players from the hat.  There are two hats at this time, which are the Preferred Hat and the Regular Hat.  The Preferred Hat is the guys that were in the hat at the end of last season.  These people will be pulled first, until the Preferred Hat is empty.  Once the Preferred Hat is empty the people in the Regular Hat are now in the Preferred Hat and the Regular Hat will be for all new people that are interested in playing.  If more players are needed for the draft a blind draw will pull out the remaining players until all the draft slots are gone.  If your name is pulled you will get a phone call from the Player Rep, to see if you are still available to play and if you are, you will be required to pre-pay for registration at that time and will need to show ID, with your Lake Orion address on it, if you are a resident. If you were a Lake Orion Graduate you don’t have to show any proof.  Once you do this you will be eligible to be drafted.  If you do not want to play at that time we will ask if you want to be put back in the Regular Hat.  If you were not selected to be drafted, it does not mean you will not get into the league this year as you will still be in the Preferred Hat to be selected during the course of the year to play in case people have to leave the league because of work, injury or anything that keeps them from being able to play.

The list of all the players will be given to the 12 coach’s and on March 6, 2016, after our Annual Membership Meeting the 12 coach’s will go into the War Room and will began selecting their team for the year.  This whole process will be done at Christie’s Bar and Grill, which is the location that enshrines our League’s Wall of Fame!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, Erik Davenport @ 248-343-2640.  If you also know anyone that meets the below requirements for league entry please forward me their name and number.


  • At least 18 years of age and/or
  • Lake Orion Graduate or
  • Current Lake Orion Resident