2017 General Meeting Minutes



11:00 am MARCH 5, 2017

  • Dean brings meeting to order at 11:08am. He introduces Joe Church Owner of Oscar’s and the players responded with an applause and Thank you.  
  • Dean went to introduce Kelly MacDonald, “Blessings in a Backpack” but she was not available so he stated that our league is donating $500 for their cause. He asked the membership if they wanted to change who we were donating to but everyone was good with BiaB.
  • Dean brought up that the Golf outing raised $700 for the league which $500 went to Blessing in a Backpack. He said the golf outing this year would be August 12th location TBD. Brandon stated that the $700 the Golf outing raises is also the most money raised for the league. 
  • Dean introduces Tony Houle representative for NSA. He will answer any question that anyone had. Dean stated that Bill Horton is also President of NSA which is good for LOMSL because Bill is an Orion man.
  • Dean Introduces Gabe as Umpire in Chief. Gabe wishes everyone good luck. Dean bring up that NSA umpires are now wanting to umpire our games, which says a lot to where our league has come from.
  • Brandon Lietke’s showed the membership the financial statement of the league. He also stated how important fund raising is because playing fields and umpire fees have gone up. We have saved money with having our end of year banquet at K of C. Erik Davenport brought up that players could donate side dishes to the pig roast to help offset cost.
  • Ron Brink is introduced as Player Rep. He ask for the player to keep trying to fill the hat. There is a general agreement that the amount of players in the hat will not be broadcast to the membership. 
  • Dean, Todd & Brandon tell everyone that all our games will be played at Friendship fields. Pig Roast will be 7/22/17 at the township fields. All star game will be 7/16/17 at Friendship. No practice on township fields without a permit. Signs are allowed on fences at Friendship for a cost through the township. The township will try to move the porta johns closer to the fields. Dean might propose that if the township donates the material that members from our league fix the Friendship fields for maybe playing for free for a couple years.
  1. Open discussion, By-law changes/additions. Everyone.
  • SUBMITTED BY Ricky Slater, “If you coach, your son will be put on your team for their first year in the league, the round will be chosen by the rest of the coaches and board prior to the first pick of the draft”       Pass 28-1

Submitted By Dean

Article 2, (there is 2 section 2’s) Section 3. A. insert “league statistician and Webmaster” as positions that are paid by league funds.       Pass 29-0

  • Article 4 sec 1 F. could we add virtual meetings with this? Also, should remove, “at the meeting” & “at the meeting” in this bylaw. The bylaw is not a meeting, it’s to amend a bylaw, please see meeting in Article 5.   Pass 29-0
  • Article 6 sec 4 A. Proposal add, “person chosen from the hat, must pay and sign required forms and provide to an Executive Board member, before the player steps foot on the field of play”Pass 29-0
  • Proposal to Article 6 sec 5 D. “If a player shows up to play the week that the team proved they will have less than 9 players, the said player will be ineligible to play that regular season game, playoff or World Series game”     Fail 15-14
  • New Proposal, “No team shall go to the Hat after the conclusion of the 14th week of the season regardless of the circumstance.”  Pass 26-2
  • Section 6 D. New proposal, “It is the UIC responsibility to know and have available the current Lake Orion Men’s Softball League By-laws for his current umpire team”    Pass 28-0
  • Proposal new, “ All awards will be picked at the end of the regular season and announced at the   banquet” Pass 28-0
  1. Conclusion Meeting Adjourned.­­­    Break for 10-15 mins for draft set-up.

Meeting Minutes 11/22/16

Meeting Minutes for 11/22/16


We had our meeting as a new board present was Dean, Brandon, Ron Brink, Brian McCall, and myself.

Dean talk about picking up LOMSL stuff from Christies and possible finding a new home for it. He mention that he met the new owner of Parkside Grill and that they were open to hosting the annual meeting and draft. Also mention was Oscars and C-pub for the meeting and draft.  

Dean also said that he talk to the township and all our games this year will be played at Friendship. We will find out more detail at the meeting with the township on 1/24/17.

We are looking for someone to replace Rob Griffin as UIC.

We also agreed to have 3 registration only this year because of the opportunity for the player to register on line at the LOMSL website.

We also discussed fund raising events for this year.

Pig roast will be 7/22/16 we will find out if it’s still going to be at the township or if it will be at friendship




Meeting minutes 5/1/16

Players we had a meeting Sunday 5/1/16.  In attendance was Erik, Rob, Darren, Dean, Brandon and myself to discuss the issue with the missing waivers and the missing Bad Brad logo on Slater’s team jersey.


We all agreed that Slater team will forfeit their home field advantage until the issue with having the Bad Brad logo is resolved.


We came to the conclusion that the board broke the bylaw on making sure the waivers where turned in the week before the first schedule game.  We agreed that the best way to handle this issue was to make it a wash and not make the 3 teams forfeit their first game.



2016 Annual Meeting Minutes 3/6/16

Annual Meeting Minutes 3-6-16

Officers Present: Darrin Lamphier(President), Dean Klovski(Vice President), Todd Hartzell (Secretary), Brandon Lietke(Treasurer) and Erik Davenport(Player Representative). Rob Griffin Umpire in Chief

Introduction to the members and then Kelly McDonald, from Blessings in a Backpack, presented her charity and how they are funded, as 100% of all monies goes to the kids. Blessings helps over 300 disadvantaged kids in the Lake Orion school district to have a backpack full of food to eat over the weekend, because most of them would not eat on the weekend without their help. They are in need of volunteers and drivers so if you are interested in helping out please go to their website, www.blessingsinabackpacklakeorion.org. At the end of her presentation Darrin handed her a check from the league, for the 2nd straight year, from the League Golf Outing proceeds, in the amount of $500, which she was very grateful.
Dean went over the Annual Golf Outing for this year which is being held at the Myth on Saturday August 13th and space is limited, so if you want to have a great time don’t forget to sign up as the proceeds will help Blessings in a Backpack.
Rob Griffin spoke to us about his umpires and how most of them are umpping to get into the league. He has 7 umpires and 1 back up umpire. He also mentioned that his umpires will be professional and because there is only one, mistakes will be made so please act civilized. He also asked how we were handling rainouts as far as pay, which that will be discussed by the board.
Dean addressed the Wall of Fame situation as one where we need to get all of the pictures from the WOF players to bring it up to date. He also noted that if Christi’s is sold we might have to move our WOF somewhere else or we might have to… READ MORE