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Executive Board Members:

President                      Brian McCall        (248)701-0674

Vice President             Steve Griffin          (248) 388-2602

Treasurer                    Brandon Lietke      (248) 420-9201

Secretary                    Todd Hartzell          (248) 318-3298

Player Rep.                 John Dalton           (810) 397-0828

Umpire in Chief           Mike Gabriel          (248) 778-7924


Check for Game Cancellations:               (248) 393-7040

The posting will normally be made after 4:30pm on the date of the game. You can also sign up to receive emails that will tell you if the fields are closed by going to If you want to receive SMS on your cell phone you can also sign up for this service at this website, however there is a $9.95 yearly fee.